What do we do

The principal activities of the company is to provide IT services to clients in the financial & insurance institutions, manufacturing, retail and supply chain organisations. We provide professional and quality IT resources and solutions according to our clients' preferred work arrangement that deliver values and differentiation to them in the marketplace.


Our Mission
- To enable better decision support through IT integration and mobility tools for our clients.
- To be a trusted source of qualified project managers to businesses that make a difference


Our Vision
- Always deliver and delight our clients in what we do for them.

- Always have a point of view on innovative ways in what we do

About Our Services

The company started in 2012 with the vision to provide localised and highly personalised IT services in a very crowded space. Customers are being pushed to embrace technologies and services that may not contribute much value added to their overall business goals comparing to the time, cost and returns in the short terms. A localised and personalised approach based on trust and relationship allow clients to take one step at a time to mitigate risk as the business requires.

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