Mobile Van Sales: Part 2

Mobile Van Sales: Part 2

According to Insider Intelligence, it predicts mcommerce sales to hit $534.18 billion, or 40.4% of ecommerce sales, in 2024. The two key devices driving the mcommerce revolution: smartphones and tablets. 

A quick recap: In our previous article, we explored this cutting-edge solution in empowering sales teams and overcoming operational challenges for businesses in the FMCG and retail sector. 

In this article, we will delve into Mobile Van Sales FAQs and discover why businesses with sales teams should embrace our Mobile Van Sales creation for unparalleled efficiency and success in their operations. 

Let’s go! 

Mobile Van Sales FAQ (with our Aristou developers):

  • How did the Aristou team come up with this technology?

Previously, our customer’s current MPOS system was not integrated into Business Central which resulted in many issues and challenges. 

They needed a new system that could integrate with Business Central and soon, the creation of Mobile Van Sales was born. 

  • How long did it take to create this app from start to finish?

It took our team about 4-5 months from the start of programming till the official go-live date. Our team started on 31st March 2023 and officially went live in August 2023. 

Post go-live, further enhancements and necessary adjustments were all made based on their testing and requirements. 

  • What top tips would you share to businesses using mobile van sales efficiently? 

Tip 1: Optimal Device Selection:

    • Choose a high-performance gadget with ample RAM and specifications tailored to your business needs. While a larger screen provides a better view, the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences.

Tip 2: Robust Internet Connectivity:

    • Ensure a seamless experience by partnering with a reliable internet provider. Consider upgrading to a 5G connection for enhanced speed and reliability compared to 4G, facilitating smoother mobile van sales operations.

Tip 3: Comprehensive User Training:

    • Empower your team by providing thorough training to enhance their understanding of the system. A strong grasp of the functionalities ensures efficient utilization, contributing to the overall success of your mobile van sales strategy.

Why should other businesses use MVS?

Mobile Van Sales is a powerful tool for other businesses as it significantly streamlines daily tasks for salesmen through effective implementation. 

Our system implementation is geared towards:

  1. Streamlining and enhancing various facets of the sales process.

  2. Drastically reducing manual processes and the likelihood of errors.

  3. Enabling real-time updates through direct integration with Business Central.

  4. User friendly design ensures simplicity and effective experience 

Users gain immediate access to a wealth of information, including product details, stock availability, pricing, discounts, routes, transaction creation, order history, statements, and more. 

Additionally, the user-friendly design contributes to an easy adoption by users as well as an overall efficient experience.

Choosing our software will guarantee to elevate your mobile commerce strategy to new heights, optimizing productivity and accuracy in every transaction.

Contact us here for a complimentary assessment for your business along with a free demo session with our expert team!

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