Cloud Mining is the procedure of currency mining working with a digital datacenter that has access to shared funds through an online relationship. This sort of cloud computing mining makes it possible for consumers to trade monies at the contentment of of their house or place of work, rather than investing in high priced mining equipments that call for infrastructure and substantial equipment.

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About AristoU

It starts with our company name, AristoU. AristoU is a play on the Greek word Aristo or Arete which means best or excellence. Excellence is the essence of our company‘s DNA where we strive to deliver excellent services to our clients.

The company started in 2012 to provide localised and highly personalised IT services in a very saturated market. Clients are constantly pushed to embrace digital technologies and services that may not have the best output value for their overall business goals in relation to the time, cost and returns in the medium terms. AristoU provides an independent advisory to management and at client’s request provides localised and personalised approach to help solve their business problem through enabling digital technologies. Our approach is based on trust and strong relationship working with clients to take one step at a time to mitigate risk as the business requires.

AristoU’s mission is to empower our clients with enough business decision support for smarter business execution. To that end, we provide clients with business consulting and change management, digital transformation advisory, enabling IT solution implementation and IT resourcing. AristoU’s vision is to prioritize quality delivery and client satisfaction through our services and maintain a strong point of innovation in what we do.

Why Us?

Our Distinctive Value Propositions to You

Execute with Excellence

Delivery Excellence is our company DNA. We strive to deliver excellent services to our clients on each and every project that we undertake both on time and on budget.

Strong Long-Term Solution

We are not just another IT solution and system implementer. We augment our service delivery capabilities with business consulting to redesign your business processes, implement digital solutions to re-imagine your business operations and strategize with you to re-invent your customer’s offerings for a greater productivity, higher profitability and deeper customer satisfaction.

People You Can Trust

Our people – their passions, their experiences, and their competencies define who we are and the way we deliver results to our clients. Our people set us apart from our competitors.


Microsoft Business Central

The one-stop solution for your ERP needs
Do you own a growing business? Microsoft Business Central is the perfect cloud-based solution for you to manage your business for maximum business efficiency.

Power BI

Advanced tools for data analytics

Power BI transforms your business data into rich visuals for you to gather and organize so you can focus on what matters most. This is the tool for you if you want to push your business further with the latest trends and data.

Sana Commerce

Experience a fully integrated B2B and B2C web-store with Sana Commerce Cloud

Looking to improve customer user experience? Sana Commerce is a fully integrated platform designed to help your business succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on you.

Continia Expense Management 365

Manage expense claims right on-the-go and with ease

Make your life easier with Continia Expense Management 365 when it comes to expensing employee claims. Quick and easy, this tool will enable everyone in your business to access approval workflow at anytime.


Business Consulting

AristoU provides professional business consulting services specifically tailored to your unique needs to help you navigate successfully in a changing landscape.


IT Resourcing

With our expertise in IT, we specialize in providing information technology related services to equip your business systems and processes in running smoothly and efficiently.

Multi-ethnic team discussion using laptop and digital tablet for online marketing analyzing, business strategic planning, online video conferencing and leadership training.

Grant Assistance

We help you to explore and navigate the various Enterprise Singapore grant schemes applicable to your projects.

Business owners would do well by spending some time to understand all of these grants, schemes and measures available to them here.

Case Studies

What we have done for our clients…

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The Best Way to Get Rid of Out Of Your Mac? Folks have trouble. It can make your computer to perform slower and more without any problems. Here is how you liberated your self out of the clutches for good and can eliminate it.

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