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      Active Budget Check (ABC)

      Provides an easy budgeting and planning tool that will allow you to streamline financial budgeting processes with more control and clarity.

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      We’re proud to launch Aristou’s first ISV solution– Active Budget Check is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central complete and integrated solution, provides comprehensive functionalities for budget management.

      ABC allows you to actively compare the budget with the expenditure or purchase transition used for the financial year within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

      If you’re an existing user of Business Central and run a small to medium sized business, this deck is for you.

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        GeTs- ISV Solution

        A new ISV solution by Aristou

        COMING SOON 2024

        Aristou Blog

        Inventory Management

        Sales and Operations Planning- Part 2

        According to a report by Deloitte, companies that implement integrated sales and operation processes (S&OP) are 67% more likely to forecast revenue growth accurately compared to those without such processes. (Deloitte 2023) In Part 1, we explored how Sales and Operation Planning acts as the linchpin between strategic sales and operational efficiency, fostering organizational harmony. Now, it's time to transition from theory to action. From overcoming challenges to embracing agile processes, we'll delve into real-world success stories and provide actionable tips...

        Inventory Management

        Warehouse Tetris: Sales and Operations Planning

        Heard of the game tetris? Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is just that- playing Tetris with your warehouse inventory.  Picture this: imagine each product as a Tetris block. Good S&OP planning strategically arrange these "blocks" not just for a snug fit but to anticipate future moves in the market.  The goal? To maximize efficiency and minimize gaps. Similar to tetris, Sales and Operation Planning is about finding balance. Professionals juggle inventory levels, production capacities, and market demands, resulting in a well-orchestrated and...


        2023 wrapped! 🎬 Aristou’s EOY Reflections

        As 2023 draws to a close, we stand at the threshold of a new year, ready to embrace the stories that shaped our narrative.  In our final post of this year, join us in this article of 2023 reflections- we reflect on the moments, triumphs, and collective spirit that defined Team Aristou over the past 12 months. This article contains a tapestry woven with dedication, resilience, and shared experiences. Each team member's unique story contributes to the mosaic of moments that...

        Mobile Van Sales

        Mobile Van Sales: Part 2

        According to Insider Intelligence, it predicts mcommerce sales to hit $534.18 billion, or 40.4% of ecommerce sales, in 2024. The two key devices driving the mcommerce revolution: smartphones and tablets.  A quick recap: In our previous article, we explored this cutting-edge solution in empowering sales teams and overcoming operational challenges for businesses in the FMCG and retail sector.  In this article, we will delve into Mobile Van Sales FAQs and discover why businesses with sales teams should embrace our Mobile Van...

        Mobile Van Sales

        Mobile Van Sales: Part 1

         How Aristou developed app using Business Central called Mobile Van Sales and successfully helped our customer If your business has a strong sales team that is on the go, creating a Mobile Van Sales app is crucial. Van sales are considered the backbone of supply chain management, especially within the retail and FMCG sector. It is also crucial for enhancing the efficiency of salespersons in their daily tasks, particularly in scenarios like stock requests and on-the-go payments.  The absence of a...

        Microsoft Business Central

        Microsoft Release Wave 2 2023 Updates

        Transforming customer experiences with generative AI and Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Release Wave 2 2023 In this blog article, we unravel and discover how the latest release is set to elevate user experience, foster rapid adaptability and drive businesses towards increased productive operations.  Unlock the potential that Dynamics 365 Business Central holds for businesses in the ever-evolving digital era.  Read on below! This Business central release 2 2023 takes their investment in Copilot to the next level. They are providing the following: ➡️ Reduce...

        Inventory Management Tasklet WMS

        Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency with Barcode Implementation

        The development of technologies in the digitalized era has developed rapidly. Entering the industrial revolution 4.0, all of our life aspects need a touch of technology (Istiqomah et al., 2020).  And technology isn’t an exception. Technology has sped up and simplified every task. One of those technologies that we currently use in the industrial revolution 4.0 within the logistics industry is Barcode implementation. As we know, supply chain management helps businesses gain competitive advantage in the market and warehouse logistics plays a...

        Microsoft Power Platform

        Unlocking Enterprise Potential: Microsoft Power Platform

        “Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation.” (Kane, Palmer, Phillips, Kiron, and Buckley 2015) In today's digitally transformed business landscape, organizations need versatile, efficient, and adaptable tools to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. This means that organizations need to develop competencies in leveraging digital technology for business purposes. How do you make that happen? In this article, we will focus on developing this digital consciousness using the power of Microsoft's Power Platform, digging a little deeper into the functions and benefits of Power...


        Wrapping up Aristou’s Power Platform Seminar 2023

        Introduction: Setting the Stage Aristou held our very first event called: Power Platform Seminar on the 28th Sep 2023. The goal of this seminar was to empower and equip valued users of Business Central and other ERPs to seamlessly transform data into actionable insights for smarter, more strategic actions.  At the heart of it, this was a great gathering of end users, offering them a platform to share and exchange their success stories and journeys. Below was the agenda we set out...