Active Budget Check (ABC)

Provides an easy budgeting and planning tool that will allow you to streamline financial budgeting processes with more control and clarity.

Active Budget Check (ABC) is a ISV solution by Aristou Pte Ltd that works on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform allows you to actively compare the budget with the expenditure or purchase transition used for the financial year within Business Central.

Are you a small to medium enterprise in Singapore? With ABC, you’ll be able to keep track of your business’s budget spending with full control and transparency, maximizing resources.

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ABC helps you control your budget so you can focus on:


Actively Checking your Budget

Actively Compare the budget with the expenditure or purchase transition, ABC helps compare with expenditure that is currently being used for the financial year by departments.

Enjoy 3 levels of control, providing the exact tools you need for managing and taking charge of your yearly financial budget without any worries within Business Central.

Designed specially for SMEs

Are you a local SME in Singapore? You’re at the right place- ABC is designed specifically for SMEs in mind. We know every dollar counts, and ABC helps you better control the master budget.

Stop losing revenue and customers due to lack of tracking and visibility across finances.


Fuss Free budget checker

Easily transfer budget within departments with full visibility and tracking within a single and separate GL accounts. Within your management, you’re able to discuss budgets easily within excel templates.

Once approved by management, template to be prepared and easily copy and paste into Business Central. The system automatically captures all changes and value, eliminating any form of tedious manual entry, i.e: keying in line by line.

Prevent Budget Cuts

After you do the ABC set up, you can easily transfer budget funds within and across departments. This transfer is done internally, usually before EOY to ensure not over or under consuming budgets, preventing budget cuts for future use. If the department overspends, the system will prompt “error” over budget which comes from the the purchase invoice limit.

This special feature is not only user friendly, but also creates an accountability system within the organization regarding the spending.


Core functions of Active Budget Check

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Budget Planning

Define departments and users for financial budgets with ABC. Build templates for budgets and dimension used for each template, copy and paste into BC eliminating of manual entry with the system’s auto capture value


Budget Layout

Setup budget dimensions according to the 3 levels of hierarchy set up with a budget tolerance option set by management. Actively check how much has already been used and always compare with what being set up in the budget.

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Budget Control

All budget control and planning will be controlled by the management. I.e: If the department overspends, the system will prompt “error” over budget. This comes from purchase invoice to know the limit. ABC provides a complete overview of budget status, enabling full control and financial visibility.


Budget Forecasting

ABC is designed in a way such that only the user admin can edit and touch the overall budget, users cannot touch. Should be able to key by finance or who has the budget authority, and only the user admin can amend the budget rules and approval request.

Why Active Budget Check


Easy-to-control your operation

An advanced tool of Microsoft Dynamics for your financial budgeting and planning responsibilities. Say goodbye to manual entry of keying in your budget line by line.


Deploy with Microsoft Dynamics

Make the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with ABC, easily available on the Microsoft AppSource. It integrates smoothly and sits seamlessly on top of Business Central.


Customer Satisfaction

Most mid-tier ERP solutions suitable for SMEs do not provide a planning and budgeting tool you can easily utilize. Incorporating ABC releases the pressure of exceeding budget and wasting resources, allowing for more control within the company.

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