10 things I hate about you- Omnichannel POS system edition

10 things I hate about you- Omnichannel POS system edition

If you were intrigued by the blog title, it is no secret that we were inspired by one of the very favourite 1999 classics (IYKYK).

And no, we don’t literally mean we have 10 things to hate about POS system, but we do have 10 things we’d hate to happen to your omnichannel business if you do not have a proper POS system in place.

With a brand new year comes new goals and habits we aim to adopt to become better versions of ourselves. That also includes our business practices.

For starters, if you want to be more effective with your omnichannel strategy, you need to get more strategic with your point of sale (POS) system. 

In this blog post, we help you identify the 5 practices of a good omnichannel POS system, and 5 pain points a strong POS system should eliminate.

How does your POS system influence your omnichannel strategy?

A good metric of a robust omnichannel POS system doesn’t only process payment, it helps you serve customers seamlessly regardless of where they touch your brand, such as your online, in-store, and on-the-go shopping platforms. 

It allows you to streamline the connection between your physical and digital channels, syncing all data to provide a consistent experience for shoppers.

It offers a method to understand your customers’ behaviors while managing your inventory and fulfilling orders easily across all channels.

This article is for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users, as it is most compatible with NaviPartner POS system. However, even if you’re not a Business Central user, keep on reading! These tips are universal across all omnichannel retail POS systems. you might just find one or two of these helpful!

You know we love all that Navipartner POS has to offer. On the fence for a good reason to partner with us for this POS system? We have 4 for you:

5 Practices on maintaining efficiency with NaviPartner

1. NaviPartner strengthens customer relationship

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

    • The right POS software should ensure accurate sales transactions and reduce wait times for customers. 

    • NaviPartner allows you to segment your customers and use the available information to target your offers.

  • Improve customer loyalty

    • An omnichannel POS software like NP lets you generate and manage loyalty programs like special offers, reward points, coupons or discounts

    • Also able to offer installment and give your customers the opportunity to use their preferred payment method. 

  • Mobile POS system available- POS on different devices

    • Having a mobile device improves productivity by directly connecting your ERP system to handheld computers 

2. Weigh the Cost-Benefit ratio

  • A good question to start with is: What’s your budget?

    • From a cost-benefit ratio analysis:

      • No cost is greater than the need to stay up to date, meet your customers needs and generate more sales.

  • Evaluate the current technological infrastructure of your business 

    • Is there an existing investment in hardware? 

      • If there is, how much has been invested? 

      • If not, what are some steps you’re willing to invest to close the gap?

3. NaviPartner integrates front and back end systems

  • Omnichannel fulfillment

    • If your retail store is your house, then the POS system is the key that locks and unlocks the house.

    • Sync inventory data in real time across all processes with NaviPartner as the basis of a robust omnichannel strategy

  • Consistent product and pricing information

    • By centralizing all product data in one backend platform, the POS software ensures product and price consistency across all stores and channels. 

    • This removes the burden of manual input for each store which can cause errors and discrepancies.

  • Increase revenue 

    • By eliminating the need for customers to visit multiple locations or make multiple phone calls

4. NaviPartner + Business Central = Best of both worlds

  • No need to replace entire ERP system with Business Central at hand

    • NaviPartner POS sits perfectly on top of Business Central ERP system, pulling all the relevant data you need from a single unified data source

5. Sense of security and control

  • Never miss a sale due to system crashes when you are using the cloud platform

  • Since this is a cloud-based POS system, you can always check your inventory level wherever and control your inventory through streamlined reorder processes and easily transfer goods from one location to another.

5 ways NaviPartner eliminates your POS system pain points

1. Eliminate processing payment glitches

  • By automating manual tasks, employees are able to make more efficient use of their time and achieve higher productivity

2. Fully functional system

  • Streamline your sales at checkout, plus syncing your card reader means no more double-entry, human error, or manual end-of-day reconciliation. Less stress and more time for everyone!

3. Insecure POS system

  • NaviPartner’s POS cloud function allows for security against any data breaches, have full control over your inventory and never miss a sale 

4. No mobile app version

  • NP retail’s integrated payment solutions with more than 160 different payment terminals.

5. No need to replace your ERP system

  • Optimizing existing functions within BC by adding a POS solution

The benefits of omnichannel strategy are enormous and cannot be separated from having a robust ERP system. Of course, here we’re speaking specifically to Business Central Users as you will benefit most with NaviParter POS system.

However regardless of which ERP system you use, the main take away is investing in the right ERP omnichannel POS system like NaviPartner will give your business the flexibility to embrace changes and serve customers as they want. 

With NaviPartner’s all-in-one solution for POS, payments, accounting and reports, retailers gain a deeper understanding of their customers to provide personalized experiences through invisible technology. 

Learn more about us and schedule a demo to take your sales to the next level with our expert team today! Contact us at support@aristou.com.sg or call us now at +65 69746863.

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