Why NP Retail POS is the last piece of your retail operation puzzle.

Why NP Retail POS is the last piece of your retail operation puzzle.

Imagine your retail business as a jigsaw puzzle. You’re missing the last piece of the puzzle to complete your masterpiece.

What is it?

A Point of Sale (POS) System.

A POS system is one of the most crucial pieces in your retail operation puzzle. 

How? The importance of POS systems in retail goes beyond managing transactions at your checkout counter.

In our previous blog post, we covered the key pointers to look out for in a POS system. A great advantage NP Retail is integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central all in one complete solution. 

Still on the fence about NP retail as your chosen POS system? 

Not to worry; in this article we will be covering the 4 areas NP Retail POS solution is built for your business digital transformation.

Keep reading! 

1. Strong sales tools

NP retail enables stronger efficiency in sales with automation from a unified source of truth with its features. This creates an opportunity to clinch better deals and keep track of inventory. The 3 areas NP Retail can benefit your sales is through: Efficient sales tool, POS systems for all devices, making good deals.

    • Efficient Sales tools

      • Automatic campaigns Schedule campaigns ahead of time to run automatically with a preset period and a discounted amount.

      • Discounts- Include discounts based on volume, product category, customer type, pricing rules, etc.

      • Multiple payment options- Receive payment via: cash, debit cards, foreign exchange, gift cards, loyalty cards or contactless payments.

    • POS systems for all devices

      • One stop solution for business- Attain customer search easily, create orders and obtain daily sales reports.

      • Instant knowledge of products- View product cards with visuals, ease of checking product availability at request of customers.

      • Customized user-interface- NP retail POS runs in a web browser with responsive design for PC, tablet and smartphone. User interface can be easily adapted.

    • Make good deals

      • Overview of purchases Ordering new items with the visibility of the journey from vendor to the sales floor.

      • Keep track of orders, shipments, suppliers Modify everyday tasks easier by using a master checkout to combine purchases, transfers and orders.

      • Inventory control- Monitor orders that are created, ordered, shipped and received, and record the number of items needed to be in stock to meet demand

2. Data Entry

NP retails benefits your data entry in 3 key ways: financial management, inventory management and automating your bookkeeping process. Having full visibility and transparency over your stocks, reporting and data from a birds eye view of the entire business is a strong advantage.

    • Financial Management

      • Overview with Business IntelligenceObserve your business goals and where profitability can be improved.

      • 24/7 accessCloud solution allows full 24/7 access for users to view updated data, anytime, anywhere. 

      • Automated financial transactions No more manually importing and exporting data – the process takes place automatically, saving you resources.

    • Inventory Management

      • Always updated inventory Sales staff have updated access to stock availability via POS, and inventory management processes can be performed using handheld scanners for barcodes.

      • Visible product tracking- Every product has a serial number, allowing visible tracking right from purchase order to invoice, repair booking or transfer to a virtual storage.

      • Automatic stock replenishment- Ability to set a level for product replenishment to notify staff when the level set for reordering is reached to fulfill demand

    • Automatic bookkeeping

      • POS integrated with ERP- The solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, avoiding any duplication of data. Transactions are posted automatically according to retailers’ preferences. 

      • Save resources on bookkeeping- You’re able to reduce the time used on importing and exporting data as all transactions are automatically posted in the ERP system so resources for entering data are saved.

      • One unified source of truth Connecting the POS system with the ERP allows all important sales data to be recorded automatically.

    • Powerful Chain Store Solution

      • Overview of all stores and business- Have control over multiple store outlets with automated sales data tracking capability

      • Reporting from different locations NP Retail provides a user friendly dashboard that gives a clear overview of the data across locations. You can analyze and organize per store with regards to sales, average selling price and number of customers.

      • Gain an overview of the entire businessTrack trends, see YoY revenue and compare goals with results to evaluate business insights and performance.

3.Customer centric

NP Retail prioritizes customers at the heart of its products. The multi functional POS system has many features to build customer loyalty, analyze your store’s sales performance and equip employees towards better performance. 

    • Superb customer service

      • Building customer loyalty- NP retail allows you to segment customers and grow customer retention through customer data available. Eg: Sell and redeem gift cards in all stores and web stores, see their product preferences, purchase history etc. 

      • Promote bestsellers- Create custom buttons on POS for bestsellers and make payment quicker and more efficient. Target relevant offers to customers accordingly and provide opportunity to use their preferred payment method.

    • Analyze and target

      • Analyze store’s sales performance Built-in dashboards give insight into the sales statistics for any time period. You’re able to view changes over time in terms of sales, revenues, net earnings in real time.

      • Increase employees performance Track and monitor employee development and sales progress with detailed sales data.

    • Advanced Reports

      • Control of demand- Have a clear picture of which bestsellers are expected to be sold out and handle the demand through available data statistics. 

      • Business development and progress available- NP retail allows you to control how detailed the reports are. Transfer graphs and charts from dashboards and easily share them with employees.

4. Future development

NP Retail not just equips your business for the now, but prepares you for the future with a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. With a fully scalable solution across multiple chain stores, international and online expansion, NP Retail is the best partner to accompany you every step of the way. 

    • Chain stores

      • Full stock visibility Keep track of stock levels across all stores and obtain updated access to status information.

      • Easy return of goods- Provide customers with easy return of items across outlets, saving time and energy to track initial sale.

      • Track inventory between outlet stores- With labels that apply throughout the retail chain, items can be transferred between stores without having to be relabelled.

    • Fully scalable solution

      • Flexible solution- Ability to easily add and remove users in the system for a busy period or pop up concept, ie: hiring more temp staff

      • Ready for future growth- Add more stores or a web store to the solution in the event of business expansion

    • Expand internationally

      • Multiple languages and currencies- The solution can handle all languages and currencies.

      • International payment solution Integrated with Adyen to support all popular payment methods around the world.

    • Expand Online

      • Omnichannel Experience With a robust omnichannel solution, it provides an effective way of reaching out to potential customers- both in the physical store or online shoppers. 

The next generation POS solutions empower you and your staff in making easy and friction-free sales. It is a powerful tool that prioritizes customer experience.

With NP Retail, you get a holistic system with unlimited opportunities for adding more brick-and-mortar stores, databases, companies or web stores in harmony as your business grows.

It lays the groundwork and a strong foundation for your future growth and cost savings as a retailer and business owner.

Are you interested in experiencing how the Point-of-Sale system, NP Retail, can transform your business? Contact one of our expert consultants at Aristou today for a follow up call and free consult to see if NP retail POS is best suited for your business!

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