Wrapping up Aristou’s Power Platform Seminar 2023

Wrapping up Aristou’s Power Platform Seminar 2023

Introduction: Setting the Stage

Aristou held our very first event called: Power Platform Seminar on the 28th Sep 2023. The goal of this seminar was to empower and equip valued users of Business Central and other ERPs to seamlessly transform data into actionable insights for smarter, more strategic actions. 

At the heart of it, this was a great gathering of end users, offering them a platform to share and exchange their success stories and journeys.

Below was the agenda we set out for Power Platform Seminar 2023:

Mission: Empower and equip valued users of Business Central and other ERPs to seamlessly transform data into actionable insights for smarter, more strategic actions.

Positioned for Success: Discover how Power Platform enhances mobility and precise data collection, turning daily transactions into seamless experiences.

Efficiency Enhancement: Reveal a solution that frees your team from repetitive tasks, unlocking greater productivity and enabling focus on what truly matters

Aristou’s Power Platform Seminar was held on the 28th Sep 2023, from 9.00am to 12.30pm held at Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview.

Power Platform Seminar Highlights

  • Session 1: [Intro to Power Platform & Power App] by YC Chue & Lim An Ni

    • The first part of this session introduced Power Platform in the Microsoft ecosystem is, and how it holds the complete set of integrated, low-code development tools

    • The second part of this session was a live demo of how Power apps works, specifically focusing on the Expense Claim app that our team had designed, led by Lim An Ni. 

    • It demonstrated the flexibility, ease of use and how it succinctly synergises with Business Central to produce the desired results for increased efficiency. 

  • Session 2: [Power Automate & Business Central] by Hsu Yee Win

    • This session consisted of a deeper dive into unlocking efficiency with Power Automate and its integration with Business Central, which all our customers are using. 

    • It also covered the seamless integration across devices and platforms, from having autonomy across all automations to managing workflows. 

    • A key focus on this session was on Power Automate with Business Central Physical Inventory Journal process flow

  • Session 3: [Power BI] by Hsu Yee Win

    • This session focused on having the right mindset on Power BI, focusing on the 3 W’s: What is that, When should organizations use Power BI, and Who should use it?

Many of the sessions on the day focussed on Microsoft Power Platform and the opportunities it can bring to partners in the coming year and beyond. 

Our valued partners saw that not only could they count on Microsoft in this coming age of advancements in technology, but also us at Aristou will also be at hand to guide them through it responsibly. 

Along with the core sessions and speakers, attendees were also able to take advantage of panel discussion, Q& A session and networking opportunities. We also invited our prospects who were interested in Aristou’s services to get a better understanding of what we do and hear from existing customers on how we can help them start their journey.

Key Highlights and Takeaways

1. Panel Discussion + Q&A

One key highlight that garnered high reviews from the guests was the panel discussion along with questions from the floor.

Mr Christophe Megel, Executive Director at Q Industries and Trade Pte Ltd, along with Nee Si Yao, IT manager at SUTL Singapore Pte Ltd sat alongside with our application manager, Ms Hsu Yee Win and Ms Lim An Ni our Power BI developer on how moving to the cloud Business Central tremendously moved their business forward.

Both Mr Megel and Mr Nee shared in detail about their learnings, insights, as well as their partnership journey with Aristou so far, and what they foresee the opportunity with Microsoft cloud services being going forward.

Many of the guests also had questions for the panel regarding their inventory, accounting, warehouse systems and processes and how Q Industries and SUTL approached specific challenges that came their way.

2. Seminar Spectacular Quiz

To wrap the entire seminar up, we conducted a simple end of seminar quiz for our participants, with NTUC vouchers up for prizes for the top 3 winners.

The quiz covered the content of the 3 sessions, including Power Platform, Power Apps, Power BI, and Business Central. It served as a detailed recap to reinforce the key takeaways of the seminar.

Audience Reactions and Feedback

Mr Christophe Megel shared a short snippet on his thoughts being on the panel on our Power Platform Seminar on his LinkedIn post:

Thank you to Aristou Pte Ltd for inviting me to a panel discussion on digitalising an entire business and implementation of Power BI analytics ! In 2018 at Q industries we embarked on full digitalisation of our business units across the region and this has served us extremely well in being more productive, efficient and collaborative so we can provide digitalised solution to our customers ! Not an easy journey but necessary, when the pandemic arises we could keep the show going and serve our customers well ! Simply Fabulous Microsoft  Christophe Megel, Executive Director at Q Industries and Trade Pte Ltd

You can read the entire post from Mr Christophe Megel on LinkedIn here.

Here are also some of the key takeaway from our Power Platform Seminar from our attendees:

Overall, the consensus was highly positive and encouraging, and our attendees took away much valuable information and learnings from our sessions and sharing.

Future Initiatives

As we wrap up the Power Platform Seminar, it’s essential to look ahead and discover what’s on the horizon for Aristou and the Power Platform. The journey doesn’t end here; it evolves. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s coming.

  1. Upcoming Events and Initiatives: 

Aristou is committed to fostering a community of continuous learning and innovation. Thanks to an incredible first event, we are committed to planning future events and seminars with great collaborations in the industry designed to keep you at the forefront of the industry’s latest developments.  

  1. Opportunities for Clients to Stay Engaged: 

We understand the value of staying connected. We encourage you to remain engaged with Aristou through our digital channels. Visit our website, follow us on our LinkedIn page, social media, and jump on our resource page where we have multiple informative content blog articles. Your journey with Aristou doesn’t end when the seminar concludes; it’s just the beginning of a vibrant and collaborative community.

Stay curious, stay engaged, and stay empowered with Aristou and the Power Platform. Together, we’ll continue to explore, learn, and shape the future of business transformation.

Conclusion: Looking Forward

In the ever-evolving world of technology and business transformation, knowledge is the key to success. 

Our very first successful internal company Power Platform seminar has provided a platform for learning, sharing, and growth that will undoubtedly shape the future of many businesses.

We invite you to stay connected with Aristou for future updates, events, and opportunities to delve even deeper into the world of Power Platform, Power Apps, Power BI, and Business Central. 

Together, we’ll continue to explore innovative solutions, share insights, and drive positive change in the digital landscape to further expand your business for success.

We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees, speakers, and partners who made this seminar a resounding success. Your enthusiasm, expertise, and support  have enriched this experience, and we look forward to future collaborations and endeavors.

If you’re a business looking to gain advantages of our services and offerings, schedule a free consultation and demo with our expert team here now! We look forward to working with you. 🙂


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