Power BI

Do you have a Power BI strategy? 5 top tips for a successful BI stratey.

Why “trust your instincts” when you can “trust the data” for business decisions?  Gone were the days of relying on the traditional methods of pulling data manually through spreadsheets. Modern day business intelligence (BI) eliminates these tedious processes and provides you real-time access to key insights for sound decisions.  In this volatile environment, businesses utilize BI tools to remain agile and competitive. In our previous posts, we covered 6 ways Power BI elevates your business decisions for success and how to...


Why NP Retail POS is the last piece of your retail operation puzzle.

Imagine your retail business as a jigsaw puzzle. You’re missing the last piece of the puzzle to complete your masterpiece. What is it? A Point of Sale (POS) System. A POS system is one of the most crucial pieces in your retail operation puzzle.  How? The importance of POS systems in retail goes beyond managing transactions at your checkout counter. In our previous blog post, we covered the key pointers to look out for in a POS system. A great advantage NP Retail...


The best POS system for your omnichannel business.

Sick and tired of entering the same sales data twice in your POS system? Frustrated with the lack of visibility in your inventory levels? Tired of the tedious process of looking up for stock when a customer requests a product that is out of stock? Look no further, introducing: NaviPartner Retail POS is the solution for you. NaviPartner (NP) Retail POS is a cloud system that is integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central combining POS system, financial management, accounting, management of...

Power BI

Power BI vs Tableau- which is the better business intelligence tool?

Who runs the world? Data. The future of analytics is here to stay and more companies are prioritizing business intelligence.  You’ve heard of it, you’ve read articles on it, but what exactly is the hype on business intelligence really about?  In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the overarching term of Business Intelligence, and a deep dive into 2 of the hottest BI tools in the market: Power BI and Tableau. Wondering what’s the difference and which tool to use? Keep on reading! What...

Customer Service

Sana Commerce- the secret weapon for ultimate customer satisfaction.

If you're reading this article, chances are you want to start your own e-commerce business- but not sure where to start. If so, you're in the right place, especially since B2B buyers now purchase 67% of their products online, a 16% increase from pre-pandemic (Sana commerce 2022).     Who is this article for? Before you scroll on, let's establish who this article is for. Sana Commerce is built for Dynamics. If you have invested into Microsoft Dynamics ERP, we recommend not to...

Project Management

3 key areas nobody tells you about the ERP implementation phase (which we will)

Don't click on this article if you want your ERP implementation to fail. We're just kidding.😎 In our previous blog post, we covered the 5 key secrets all ERP project managers must know. To achieve a successful go-live, it’s important to refine and evolve your methodology as industries change.  We’ve learnt about the 6 core phases of ERP implementation, but how about what not to do? In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into 3 main sections nobody tells you about the...

Project Management

5 key secrets all ERP project managers must know

What do you call an accountant without a spreadsheet? Lost! And what do you call an ERP implementation without a project manager? The same thing! 😎 For any project to be successful, it requires a leader and in ERP implementation- we call them project managers. ERP system implementations are large and highly complex IT projects that can impact virtually every aspect of a company, including vendors and customers. Business processes are adjusted while implementing new technology and both impact the day-to-day...

Microsoft Business Central

4 sure-fire signs that your retail business is ready for ERP

Congrats! If you’ve clicked on this article, chances are you’ve been considering moving your business to an integrated ERP system and want to find out more. If so, you are in the right place. Keep reading!😉  Switching to an integrated ERP system is a milestone for many businesses- as your business grows, you may have outgrown your current software and systems and need to look for an alternative. ERP software helps retailers run business smoothly and connect all their departments...

Microsoft Business Central

Omnichannel retail ERP- What is it and why it is important

What is the only constant in commerce? Change.  What isn’t a constant? How we approach retail. “The omnichannel approach is the future of retail”- HBR (2012). A HBR research showed that 73% of consumers shop across multi channels- from physical stores, online stores, apps, social media, to over-the-phone, before making a purchase on the platform that is most convenient to them.  In this article, we’ll be covering what that is and several powerful reasons on why it matters- especially with ever changing...

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